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Sep 29

Numerous medications such as Claritin® have been invented to cure allergies.  Unfortunately, many people are still suffering from these seasonal allergies even after digesting these medications.  Luckily, an all natural alternative to relieving your seasonal allergies might actually be coming from your backyard.  Many people already have used raw local honey to treat seasonal allergy symptoms and so can you!

Think about this.  Honey bees in your neighborhood travel from flowers to flowers collecting nectar from the same plants that are giving you allergy symptoms.  The raw honeys collected by these bees contain bits and pieces of the same pollens from these plants.  So, by eating these very same raw honey made by the bees from your area, the raw honey will often act as an immune system booster to reduce your allergy symptoms to local flowering plants.

It is great idea to source raw honey that is raised as close as possible to where you live to rip the most benefit.  Once you obtain your raw local honey, start taking 2 to 3 spoonfuls each day for several months prior to pollen season.  You will likely see big difference in your body to cope with allergies.

Besides reducing seasonal allergies, raw honey has many other health benefits as well.  Raw honey can help ease digestion, relieve constipation, and may even reduce cancer.  Raw honey is also great in relieving morning sickness and great for sore throats.

With all of these benefits of raw honey to your health, why not try adding few doses of local raw honey to your regular diet?


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Apr 23

The Food and Drug Administration of U.S.A. supposes that millions of inhabitants of this country are prone to allergies with seasonal changes as well as allergic rhinitis, more commonly known as hay fever. The body unleashes its natural protective power when a person breathes in pollen grains from the flowers or trees in his surroundings and this release the chemical called histamine that occurs naturally. Thus we find the use of antihistamines. Although there is no doubt about their efficacy, some side effects that occur due to their intake are a sleepy feeling as well as irritation in the nose. Therefore, everyone would be looking for a completely natural way to fight these problems. Therefore we advise the consumption of local honey.

In taking a teaspoonful of it twice daily should suffice. It is advisable to develop the habit of having local honey a few months prior to the season of allergies. Some people are extra cautious and they prefer to have it all through the year to avoid problems. Medication is expensive and if you want to do away with it, you should choose the healthier, no side-effects option of locally produced honey. The bees in your surroundings and locality are working hard to make this honey so you should take advantage of this. The allergy leading to hay fever is attributed to the presence of pollen from different sources.

On consuming this honey, the pollen gets introduced into your body, thus counteracting the effect of pollen from outside which can cause allergies in you. It gradually builds up the body’s tolerance to the outside stimulants and thus gives you relief from allergies. You could start by consuming two or three teaspoonfuls of local honey on a daily basis from beforehand so that you can timely avoid these allergies. Especially honey in its raw form is more preferable. Have it before you step out of your house so that it makes you resistant to various air-borne infections. You can spend your day peacefully in that case.


A lot of people have to take shots for allergy or antihistamines. But you could completely avoid that by simply adding honey to your daily schedule. Local honey prevents inflammation to a great extent. Thus it can work effectively against watering of the eyes or inflammation of your sinuses. It can prevent a whole lot of problems without you being aware of them.


It is essential to purchase locally made honey and not be deceived by the big jars that come labeled as being imported from foreign countries since most of this kind of honey is actually coming from China while bearing the label of some other country. Such Chinese honey is absolutely fake and useless in its work. Though there is no solid medical evidence to confirm that local honey can help one avoid allergies, plenty of people who have tried this remedy swear by it. Therefore you should also give it a try.




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Apr 9

Allergies, which occur in us at certain periods of the year like summer or springtime, are known as seasonal allergies. One of the commonest of these allergies is what we call hay fever. The pollen grains spread from weeds; flowers and trees lead to terrible allergies. It has been reported that honey, especially locally produced honey helps combat such seasonal allergies. Local honey is beneficial in a number of ways. Those whose stomachs are extremely sensitive have no problem digesting honey. Honey hinders the process of aging and at the same time reduces the risk of such dangerous diseases of the heart as well as cancer. Local honey contains glucose, which spreads in our blood and peps up energy levels. It also builds up our immunity so that we are safe from allergies.

Hay fever may result from spores of molds from different sources. If you have an allergy towards pollen and yet you are introduced to these small bits of spores, you turn allergic. What would help identify the problem as being hay fever is a nose that is runny, eyes that are watering, frequent sneezing, a throat that is sore as well as bad headaches. Now you must be wondering what the role of honey in this matter is. Honey bees work without halting in carrying nectar and pollen from different flowers to take it to their hives. While these are stored inside their stomachs, proteins and useful enzymes get mixed with them, producing what we call honey.

The bees store this honey in their comb. They make good use of their wings to fan this collected stuff and thus the honey thickens. The next step they perform is to cap the honey with beeswax before proceeding to the next bare comb. Locally made honey is known to be powerfully effective in protecting people from seasonal allergies. Those who have got hay fever are allergic to the spores of pollen present in honey. Therefore it is supposed that in order to counteract this effect one should consume local honey containing pollen so that the body automatically gets used to it and thus would not overreact on coming into contact with these spores.

Allergies are mostly not too troublesome. Yet for some, even minute particles of dust or pollen can lead to violent sneezing, coughs, watery eyes or throats becoming sore. We would not say that pollen is dangerous towards our health but in those people whose immunity is low, it automatically triggers heavy allergic reactions.

You may be allergic to the pollen in your environment and this is the reason why it is believed that the honey made locally from your area which contains the same pollen, can counteract this effect to a great extent. This may be an effective treatment for your allergies. Locally produced honey will help you become resistant to the same pollen that it contains that you face outside. You should start taking in a teaspoon of local honey twice daily, few months prior to the time these allergies occur.


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Apr 2

Raw honey is considered as super food. What is raw honey? It is a simple form of honey, which does not undergo the process of straining, heating, or even filtered. Most of the honeys that you can find at stores are processed. They often mix honey with other types of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Raw honey has a bunch of nutrients compared to processed honey. It is rich in copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, antioxidants, protein, and liver enzymes. There is a lot of health benefits associated with the use of honey. It can significantly cure allergies, sore throat, burns, and other health conditions. It is also a great source of energy. Aside from this, it is also used as s form of antiseptic, moisturizer, and a great cure for diarrhea. It is also helpful in boosting the immune system and prevents the formation of cancer.

Honey offers a lot of health benefits. It has that ability to energize a person without causing weight gain. Honey contains glucose, which is a great source of energy. The fructose component of the honey allows the energy to stay in the body for longer period of time. It significantly increases the endurance of the person, feeling less fatigue and generally healthy.


Local honey is efficient in boosting the body’s energy. It also promotes proper blood circulation. Aside from this, it keeps the blood free of other pathogens. One of the significant health benefits of honey is building up the immune system of the person. Meaning, the person has a strong resistance to other forms of diseases. It also promotes proper digestion and metabolism thereby allowing the person to stay fit.


Honey is also effective in treating minor ailments. If you have a sore throat, all you need to do is to swallow at least 2 tablespoons of honey and you will see significant improvement. Honey also has a cooling and soothing effect. It significantly heals burns and cuts. Aside from this, honey has analgesic effect. It significantly lowers the pain that a person is feeling secondary to cut or burn. It prevents scarring and swelling as well. Local honey is efficient in treating gastrointestinal problems like stomach upset, diarrhea and vomiting. It will rehydrate the person’s body while getting rid of the causative agent of the disease. It is also proven to be effective in treating ulcers.


The raw honey is rich in carbohydrate. This can be consumed to increase energy and endurance specially when performing strenuous activities. It is also helpful for people who have difficulty maintaining an ideal body weight. Local honey is a perfect replacement for sugar as it has lesser calories. Athletes can use honey as a source of energy while maintaining desirable body weight. A mixture of honey and lemon is perfect to cure infections and sore muscles. Because of its nutrients, it is proven to be effective in the management of blood sugar levels and cholesterol. An intake of 2 tablespoon to 4 tablespoon of honey a day can protect your body from acquiring diseases. It also serves as antioxidants, which is also essential in preventing several types of diseases.



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Mar 26

One of the types of honey, which can only be found in New Zealand is the manuka honey. It comes from the manuka bush, which can only be found throughout the country. This type of honey is used as natural medicine for several types of health conditions like acne, sore throat, skin ulcers, colds, stomach ulcers, wounds, minor burns, boils, pressure sores and other types of infection. It is also effective in improving the general health condition.

Basically, the honey contains antibacterial properties. Aside from this, it also contains antimicrobial ingredients. The manuka honey creates a moist environment thereby helping the skin cells to grow. This mechanism hastens wound healing. Once the wound is in the recovery phase, it scabs the dead skin cells to minimize scarring. This type of honey is proven to fight infection by combating the formation of bacteria. It significantly creates barrier between the wound and bacterial infection. The best thing about honey is that it is purely natural, meaning no side effects.

The manuka honey is marketed as a form of effective medicine curing myriad of health conditions. It fights diseases through its antimicrobial property. However, no rating system was developed to differentiate manuka honey from the rests of honey. Despite this, a lot of people are using this kind of honey. Peter Molan of the University of Waikato in New Zealand says that honeys are just the same. They all contain antibacterial property. However, such type of honey is efficient in treating other types of condition because of the level of peroxide antibacterial activity. The effectiveness of manuka honey is not affected by the catalase enzyme, which is present in the human body. The antibacterial action continues even if the person is exposed to extreme heat and light. This type of honey does not need to be diluted to activate the enzyme that produces healing effect. Because of these, manuka honey is said to be more effective than other types of honeys.

However, you need to understand that not all manuka honeys are created equally. Each of the products has different levels of non peroxide antibacterial activity. The level basically depends on the types of manuka plant where the honey is collected from as well as the proportion of the manuka nectar. In 1998, the active honey is used to differentiate the honey with the non peroxide antibacterial activity. In today’s time, it is used to refer a regular antibacterial activity, which is also present in other forms of honey.

The manuka honey has a dark color and is very rich in flavoring. It can be used the same way as the regular honey. Matter of fact, it is used as table honey in New Zealand. You can also create several types of honey products out of such type of honey. These products are creams, whipped honey, and honey salves. There are a lot of benefits that you can get out of using honey. If you have stomach conditions, you can just drink the honey. Its antibacterial effect is also effective in cleansing the wounds. There is a significant healing observed from using the honey as a wound-dressing agent. It can drastically improve the smoothness and suppleness of the skin.


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Mar 19

Raw honey is primarily used to replace several types of sweeteners like the HFCS or the High Fructose Corn Syrup. A lot of consumers are finding ways to avoid high fructose corn syrup as well as other types of overly processed sweeteners. Some of the chemicals used in the making of HFCS can harm the health. Most people would love to choose natural foods because of the health benefits. Honey is a natural form of sweeteners coming from bees in the form of pollens and nectars of the flowering plants. Basically, 70% of honey comes from the combination of the glucose and fructose as well as other forms of sugar like the sucrose and maltose. Local honey supports the environmentally friendly agricultural model.

Raw honey consists of healthy ingredients. It is a combination of carbohydrates, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids. Recent study conducted in the University of Illinois is fleshing out the antioxidant property of honey. Honey contains polyphenols, which is a strong form o antioxidant. Food processing technique includes filtering the honey for clarity as well as superheating to prevent from crystallization thereby extending the shelf life. This process can dilute the nutrients present in honey. The filtering process can remove minerals and vitamins, as well as other types of essential nutrients.


Fresh honey has a distinct flavor. It also has a unique taste. Those honeys that you normally found at store contain mixtures of several types of honeys. The uniqueness of the taste and flavor lose because of the processes. The local raw honey has particles of pollen coming from the local plants. Undoubtedly, local raw honey produced more nutrients compared to the processed ones. It also helps build up the immunity thereby preventing some allergies. It can also help in reducing allergies as well as its anti inflammatory effect. A spoonful of local honey a day can give you an extra immunity.

Local food business is becoming popular because of the realization that importing products with the aid of fossil fuels is somewhat an irresponsible action to take. Honey is not an exception into such matter. Matter of fact, purchasing a local honey is practical, less pollution, and would save your resources. Raw honey pertains to unprocessed honey. It only involves running the honey through the screen in order to get rid of the large particulate matter including chunks of beeswax.

However, there is another take on the equation. The cheap imported honeys shove the American beekeepers out of the business. Sad to say, they are forced to find other means to create a living. The alternative method seen is the utilization of commercial pollination. The process involves shipping of the beehives to pollinate monocrop farms. The commercial pollination can add to the carbon footprint of the American agriculture. This is somewhat hard on the bees as they are the pollination foundation of the North American ecosystems. The beekeepers can utilize such process in order to create a highly local honey for the better market. They can also include making of other hive related products like the royal jelly and beeswax candles. This way they will still have a decent source of income.



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Mar 12

Locally made honey has a variety of uses that you might know of. It can be bought from the markets where farmers come to sell their produce or from stores which operate locally, selling special products not available elsewhere. Often you see honey being sold in large boxes, which you might mistake for locally produced honey. But that is not so. You should take a look at the label in order to ascertain from which country the honey is being imported. One of the most common diseases now is asthma, which is plaguing people of all ages. About twenty million people of America are victims of this now. The rate keeps increasing each year. Although medically no proof has been obtained related to the usefulness of local honey, yet it is generally believed that it is helpful in treating this problem called asthma.

Research related to this has not been done to that extent and therefore you definitely should not stop eating your asthma medications.  However tons of men have found local honey to be extremely useful in curing asthma. Pollen in small quantities is present in honey. Therefore when you intake a teaspoon of it two times daily, these pollen enter into your body. This is precisely the reason why it is advised that you consume honey to combat seasonal allergies. The best part of it is that you do not have to worry about any side effects unlike what happens with other medicines.

Keep the dosage of honey to twice daily. Of course, to pep it up, you may add cinnamon to this honey and then put it on microwave mode for 14 seconds. It can be consumed much like tea after that. It is quite an innovative way of spicing up what you consume. If you want to be resistant to allergies, your immunity power needs to be pretty strong. At the same time you should be hale and hearty. Allergies are affecting more and more people around the world and can become serious if not heeded to. In fact a lot of complicated health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure and joint pains can be caused if you do not treat your allergies.

Honey will greatly fight allergies and keep you safe. You should enjoy the natural taste of honey as it is delicious. Also you can naturally add sweetness to what you eat or drink by adding honey. Honey contains pollen from the flowers that bees collect their nectar from. Hence on consuming honey this pollen naturally gets into your system and it helps combat allergies in a big way. Thus honey will boost your immunity from within and protect you from ailments.

The bees in your surroundings are producing local honey. Much before the pollen season approaches; you should start your daily dosage of local honey. It will slowly increase your body’s immunity against different problems and keep you healthy and protected throughout the year. It will also help if you do a little research online. 


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Mar 5


Local honey is useful for a number of purposes. Allergies that are seasonal have been reportedly cured with its help as well as other ailments. Carbon footprint can be reduced when you buy honey produced locally and at the same time you would be able to encourage local agriculture when you make a purchase. Of course buying locally produced honey is essential to keep you safe in many ways.

It is dangerous to buy any honey now since it is prone to contamination by some international agencies. They tamper with the labels as well as the documents and produce false ones so that they might easily carry on shipping this kind of bad honey from countries like China to the U.S.A. Being unaware of this fact, you might be buying honey from your grocer thinking it to be produced in US whereas the fact is that it is Chinese-made. Companies which pack and sell honey may not be aware of this elaborate hoax and they are doing their needful while actually labeling Chinese honey as made in some other country.

Many people now prefer to purchase local honey over the internet. You would be spoilt for choice if you search online for such products since there are a variety of options to select from. It comes in different sizes and shapes, ranging from small to large and from packs to jars to containers. You can check all the available information on the honey and then make a purchase. However, it is recommended to purchase honey from your local store. You would automatically be supporting the small businesses, which operate in your area to acquire a firm stand in this business. Besides, locally made honey is extremely beneficial in curing seasonal allergies. You can conduct a search based on location or use Honey Locator to know whom the distributors for the types of honey are. The floral sources can also be searched for and you could look up the ones located at the top. Some beekeepers in your locality may be selling honey to those interested so you should definitely try them too.

Honey can be raw in different degrees. You should make your choice as per your taste. However honey that is in its purest form and the healthiest option for you is usually available with someone in your locality. Make your choice clear to him and he will supply you with what you need. Most people firmly believe that locally produced honey fights well against allergies caused by seasonal changes. However, medically, no such confirmation has been obtained till now. Still your best assurance is that you will not have to settle with unhealthy Chinese honey, which might actually worsen your allergy. 


Make a local purchase when you buy local honey. Bees staying in your surroundings are producing that honey so it is the best for your consumption. This will help your body adjust to the seasonal changes. Make a visit to your local market and buy local honey from a local supplier for your own benefit.



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Feb 27

Local honey is honey that has been produced by bees in your area. These bees gather honey from local plant pollens that you are very much familiar with. Raw honey has not undergone any heating or pasteurization processes. The pollens collected by local bees and converted into local honey that is considered as a great treatment alternative for allergic reactions. For some reason, because raw local honey contains the allergens from your region, it is very beneficial to be used against allergies.

Raw honey is the form of honey that is pure, natural, and it is not tampered. It contains the same ingredients that it has when produced in the hives. Raw honey then is rich in amino acids, digestive enzymes and antioxidants. Airborne pollen from flowers, trees or the growing grass is one of the major causes of allergic reactions. Local honey can be compared with allergy shots because both can build resistance to allergen and it provides immunotherapeutic properties that are helpful in treating allergies. By consuming small amounts of honey everyday for a certain period of time, you are allowing yourself to be stronger in combating pollen.

Though there are not many reports on the health benefits from honey, there are a lot of people that can attest to the fact that honey has the right properties that can alleviate the pain seasonal allergies can bring. If you want to undergo allergy therapy, it is best if you can take raw honey from your local purveyor. Local honey is not heated; it is pure and unpasteurized. This means that this type of honey did not go through straining and it still has the same local pollen that could be responsible for your allergies.

Honey therapy is considered as most effective when it started a few months prior to the pollen season in your region. Taking small amounts of honey lets your immune system to act well to help you prevent suffering from anaphylactic shock. You should be very vigilant when feeling some of the symptoms like swelling, rash or an itching sensation at the back of the mouth. You can continue with the less amount of honey for consumption until the time that your body’s immune system gradually builds resistance. To build up a long-standing resistance to local pollens, you should start consuming local raw honey in small doses of two to three teaspoons a day for about three weeks before the allergy season begins.

Honey can also be helpful for providing short term relief. By taking one teaspoon of honey before you go out, you can relieve the most disgusting symptoms. If you notice that your body and immune system is doing something good for you, then you may not need to get allergy shots. Honey provides help in the prevention of symptoms related to inflammation of the sinuses or the eyes. Keep in mind though, that you should not give raw local honey to kids below one year of age.


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