Does Raw Local Honey Help Allergies?

Local honey is honey that has been produced by bees in your area. These bees gather honey from local plant pollens that you are very much familiar with. Raw honey has not undergone any heating or pasteurization processes. The pollens collected by local bees and converted into local honey that is considered as a great treatment alternative for allergic reactions. For some reason, because raw local honey contains the allergens from your region, it is very beneficial to be used against allergies.

Raw honey is the form of honey that is pure, natural, and it is not tampered. It contains the same ingredients that it has when produced in the hives. Raw honey then is rich in amino acids, digestive enzymes and antioxidants. Airborne pollen from flowers, trees or the growing grass is one of the major causes of allergic reactions. Local honey can be compared with allergy shots because both can build resistance to allergen and it provides immunotherapeutic properties that are helpful in treating allergies. By consuming small amounts of honey everyday for a certain period of time, you are allowing yourself to be stronger in combating pollen.

Though there are not many reports on the health benefits from honey, there are a lot of people that can attest to the fact that honey has the right properties that can alleviate the pain seasonal allergies can bring. If you want to undergo allergy therapy, it is best if you can take raw honey from your local purveyor. Local honey is not heated; it is pure and unpasteurized. This means that this type of honey did not go through straining and it still has the same local pollen that could be responsible for your allergies.

Honey therapy is considered as most effective when it started a few months prior to the pollen season in your region. Taking small amounts of honey lets your immune system to act well to help you prevent suffering from anaphylactic shock. You should be very vigilant when feeling some of the symptoms like swelling, rash or an itching sensation at the back of the mouth. You can continue with the less amount of honey for consumption until the time that your body’s immune system gradually builds resistance. To build up a long-standing resistance to local pollens, you should start consuming local raw honey in small doses of two to three teaspoons a day for about three weeks before the allergy season begins.

Honey can also be helpful for providing short term relief. By taking one teaspoon of honey before you go out, you can relieve the most disgusting symptoms. If you notice that your body and immune system is doing something good for you, then you may not need to get allergy shots. Honey provides help in the prevention of symptoms related to inflammation of the sinuses or the eyes. Keep in mind though, that you should not give raw local honey to kids below one year of age.

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