How Much Local Honey Should We Take To Avoid Allergies Per Day?

The Food and Drug Administration of U.S.A. supposes that millions of inhabitants of this country are prone to allergies with seasonal changes as well as allergic rhinitis, more commonly known as hay fever. The body unleashes its natural protective power when a person breathes in pollen grains from the flowers or trees in his surroundings and this release the chemical called histamine that occurs naturally. Thus we find the use of antihistamines. Although there is no doubt about their efficacy, some side effects that occur due to their intake are a sleepy feeling as well as irritation in the nose. Therefore, everyone would be looking for a completely natural way to fight these problems. Therefore we advise the consumption of local honey.

In taking a teaspoonful of it twice daily should suffice. It is advisable to develop the habit of having local honey a few months prior to the season of allergies. Some people are extra cautious and they prefer to have it all through the year to avoid problems. Medication is expensive and if you want to do away with it, you should choose the healthier, no side-effects option of locally produced honey. The bees in your surroundings and locality are working hard to make this honey so you should take advantage of this. The allergy leading to hay fever is attributed to the presence of pollen from different sources.

On consuming this honey, the pollen gets introduced into your body, thus counteracting the effect of pollen from outside which can cause allergies in you. It gradually builds up the body’s tolerance to the outside stimulants and thus gives you relief from allergies. You could start by consuming two or three teaspoonfuls of local honey on a daily basis from beforehand so that you can timely avoid these allergies. Especially honey in its raw form is more preferable. Have it before you step out of your house so that it makes you resistant to various air-borne infections. You can spend your day peacefully in that case.


A lot of people have to take shots for allergy or antihistamines. But you could completely avoid that by simply adding honey to your daily schedule. Local honey prevents inflammation to a great extent. Thus it can work effectively against watering of the eyes or inflammation of your sinuses. It can prevent a whole lot of problems without you being aware of them.


It is essential to purchase locally made honey and not be deceived by the big jars that come labeled as being imported from foreign countries since most of this kind of honey is actually coming from China while bearing the label of some other country. Such Chinese honey is absolutely fake and useless in its work. Though there is no solid medical evidence to confirm that local honey can help one avoid allergies, plenty of people who have tried this remedy swear by it. Therefore you should also give it a try.



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